Posted: Sun, Aug 28, 11 in Journal

i am amazed at how happy just one thing can make you. for the past few nights when i lay down to go to bed, my mind just floods with thoughts of how i truly had the best summer ever. kudos to camp sonshine! one of my thoughts were really how i couldn’t wait to apply for next year. then i wondered, what is it about camp that gives me this feeling of…joy?

i miss the great friends i made at camp dearly, and i would love to be able to see them again, but i feel like that’s only a part of why i’m excited to go back.

while at camp i was on the skit team, and that was truly one of the better parts of my day, but that’s not really why i’m waiting to apply again.

and it is most definitely not that food i was eating every night, no offense.

but my campers. just the thought of getting to go throughout the day enjoying camp activities with my campers excites me; daily. something about hanging out with kids gives you an ego boost. the think that you are the greatest person to every walk the earth, and the just freaking love you. they attach themselves to you. and its kinda hard not to attach yourselves back.

i loved all my campers, but there were four main ones that i really got attached to over the summer. i really got to know them and every single one of them told me that they wanted me to be their counselor again next year. that really gave me that ego boost i needed. and because of them, i’m pretty sure that i am gonna apply to be a 4th grade counselor. ive grown attached to these campers, and i dont really think i’m ready to give them up yet.

this one’s for antonino, ryan, michael and lukas. they helped me this summer. by being so super awesome, they helped me realize why is it i wanted to go into a profession that involved kids; because thats where i enjoy myself most.



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