Posted: Mon, Aug 29, 11 in Journal

“my kids are going to call you uncle corey!” i didn’t think just a simple statement could mean so much to me.

i was talking with one of my good friends as he was cutting my hair. we were just discussing life and favorite memories and just out of nowhere he told me that i was going to be an uncle to his kids. an uncle to his kids. a brother to him. family.

there’s an amazing feeling that comes with just being wanted. especially when it’s someone that you really like to be around and are close to. and now we are close. first there’s friendship, then there’s best friendship and the only thing closer than that…is family.

proverbs 18:24: real friends stick closer than brothers, and that’s what i’ve just been shown tonight. really great friendships are really rare, so i’m blessed to be able to say that i do have a great friend who i know will stick closer than a brother. there’s no denying it now; we’re family.

i’m uncle corey, and i can’t wait to meet my new nieces and nephews.

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