difficult convos.

Posted: Thu, Sep 22, 11 in Topics of the Week (COMM 2322)

Difficult conversations, some of the most dreaded things in a work area. Having to tell someone that they have some terrible B.O., or that they are a slow worker, or that they’re not helping the company move forward are some of the hardest things to do. I know this from personal experience. I’ve been a manager at my job for three months and I’ve already had to talk to workers because other workers have complained that they are difficult to work with. Difficult conversations are a part of life, especially in the workplace. We should all learn how to deal with them. A course on the NewsU website titled “Dealing with Difficult Conversations” can help someone learn how to deal with them.

  • What did I learn?

I learned many ways that can help difficult conversations run a bit smoother. Don’t hold a conversation that may be “embarrassing” to the party involved out in public. They deserve some privacy. The conversation should be held in an office of some sort. That way the party doesn’t have to worry about anyone else hearing. Also when concluding a conversation, ask the party to repeat what they were just told. That way, there won’t be any miscommunication.

  • What surprised me?

Honestly i don’t think anything about the course surprised me. When thinking about it, most of it is really common sense. This course just gave me a few pointers to use when having a difficult conversation.

  • What do i want to know more about?

What i want to know more about is ways to react when employees tend to disrespect their managers. Should the manager they disrespected be the one to approach them? Or should another manager? Or should the manager they disrespected and another manager be present in the room?

This course really gave me a few pointers that i can use on my part time job now. Maybe if i put them into action, breaking bad news to workers can become a lot easier than it is.


  1. Jessi Ellerbe says:

    I really liked what you mentioned about how a manager should handle the situation if an employee disrespects them. I know at my job (since we work at the same place. hahaha), it’s really easy for me to talk like I’m speaking to my friends. But in reality, I’m talking to my bosses. Now, I’m not one to outwardly disrespect someone, no matter who they are, but it just goes to show that you can slip up and say something with no intentions and it could appear disrespectful.

    I think that just goes to show you that, regardless of the type of conversation you’re having with a manager, you need to be careful of the tone you use, the words you say, and how you say them. I hope I never disrespect you at work, Corey. ;]

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