Posted: Wed, Sep 28, 11 in PR Connections (COMM 2322)

Sparrow Records and Reunion Records. My two favorite records labels, because they hold the majority of my favorite artists. And I just recently found that they both offer internships. I’ve been searching for somewhere to put my Public Relations degree that I’ll be earning to good use, and these records labels are perfect. The basic tasks that I found on the Reunion Records Internship Website stated that I will be:

  • “Participating in staff meetings and learning the inner workings of a label
  • Taking personal initiative and using online outlets to continue communicating with consumers about our artists
  • Assembling press mailings and helping with daily mailing
  • Maintaining stock levels of all PLG product
  • Creating reports using SoundScan and radio data
  • Helping with event planning and implementation; this internship will allow a student to see and assist with some label promotional events (mainly during GMA Week) and several staff (internal) events from start to finish.”

This is now my goal. To Intern at Reunion Records would be a dream come true. And now that I have a specific goal, I’m going to do all I can to reach it.



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