Posted: Sun, Oct 2, 11 in Topics of the Week (COMM 2322)

When new Public Relations practitioners are looking for a job, they have two places in which they can choose from; a PR firm or a corporation.

Jobs at corporations at times are more difficult to find, especially if one doesn’t have any experience. Growth is limited and this job can be slow paced at times. Corporate, though, do tend to have a lower employee turnover rate and salaries tend to be a be higher. Benefits are usually good and there are many more opportunities available when working at a corporation.

When working at a PR firm, experience is gained very quickly. The workplace is very fast-paced and exciting, plus there is more variety in the types of projects that can be done. Even though the salary can be low at entry level and medical benefits can be minimal, networking with other PR professional can lead to bigger and better job opportunities.

If I was a newbie entering the PR work force for the first time, I would probably go for a job in a PR firm. I think that I would pick a firm because it is a great place for new public relations practitioners to start working.  Yes, the pay may be a bit low and the turnover rate higher than normal, but in a firm one can gain experience quickly, find mentors they can learn from, and network with other professionals. These things can help to lead to higher paying jobs in the firm or even jobs at a corporation. I think a firm is a better newbie choice also because they can work on many different projects at once. When they find a project they like, they can look for a corporation that does work related to that project.

Corporation do pay the big bucks, but it does not hurt to gain a little experience first. One might even end up with a salary much higher than they would have recieved without experience.


*Information found in Think! Public Relations.


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