Posted: Mon, Oct 10, 11 in PR Connections (COMM 2322)

This is my first story I have ever written for a newspaper. It is a little short, but I like it.

New campus club to change the community of Lakeland
by Corey West

“A new community service connections club has been started right here on campus. “Community Called” serves two purposes: it can connect students with different non-profit organization for them to receive their community service hours or students can opt to join the club and participate in the community service project teams that club’s Project Managers will assemble. The plus for joining the club? Community Called will keep track of all community service hours for every member.

Adam Williams, president of Community Called and SEU junior, is thrilled to see his vision finally unfolding.

“Last year, I wanted to get involved in the community, but I didn’t know how,” Williams says. “I decided to change that. I decided to start a club that will allow students an easy door to be a blessing to the community.”

Williams’ goal is for this club to make a lasting impact on the community, even long after he’s graduated from Southeastern.

Williams invites everyone to come join Community Called and to be a part of a club that is going to change the city of Lakeland. To find out more information about Community called, e-mail President Adam Williams at or search “Community Called” on Facebook and like the fan page.”



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