Posted: Fri, Oct 21, 11 in Topics of the Week (COMM 2322)

I found the Online Media Law course from NewsU very interesting. It introduced me to many of the laws about the media and even let me play the role as a judge in mock situations.

  • What did I learn?

First of all, I learned that libel and slander are both types of defamation, libel is written while slander is spoken. I also learned that as a journalist one can be easily accused for defamation of character. To avoid, one should: strive to be as accurate as possible, use reliable sources, be will to correct or retract mistakes, be cautious when publishing negative information, and put a special not on material that has been submitted by others.

Another thing I learned is by gathering information in public places and from publicly available sources, and getting consent from the person covered, one can protect themselves from a possible invasion of privacy lawsuit.

  • What surprised me?

None of the information from this online course actually surprised me. The course just informed me about defamation of character, invasion of privacy, and copyright infringement,  and how a journalist can protect themselves from lawsuits of such nature.

  • What do you want to know more about?

I would like to know more about other possible ways a journalist can find themselves in trouble, even if the action was innocent. If I would have become a journalist before taking this online course, I wouldn’t have considered getting information from public places. I probably would’ve tried to get information from people who I thought would have given me something credible, and I possible could have gotten in trouble for it. If I can find out other ways to protect myself from lawsuits, I will be better suited for a safe and clean career in journalism.



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