Posted: Tue, Nov 22, 11 in Topics of the Week (COMM 2322)

For my guest blogger, I wanted to shine the spotlight on Jessi Ellerbe. She’s a really great friend of mine as a great writer as well. She is studying Communications at Southeastern University and will be graduating in December of 2012. Below is one of her blog posts that I particularly liked. You can visit her blog page here.


“Getting the Word Out” by Jessi Ellerbe

It’s amazing to me exactly how incredible social media can be when it comes to PR. Our professor, Barbara Nixon, recently went through a tragic loss when her oldest son, Kyle, passed away. Through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, her students, fellow teachers, family, friends and even strangers were able to send her their condolences for her loss.

I know that I utilized Twitter specifically to reach out to her, but others used Facebook to do this. Both of his services, one in Auburn and one here in Lakeland, had events made on FB to invite others to come out and share a moment of sweet remebrances of Kyle and to love on his family.

Though the events are taking place at the end of this week (Auburn) and the beginning of next week (Lakeland), the estimated turn-outs are already large in number. It’s just incredible how, through sites like Twitter and Facebook, we are all able to communicate and reach out to one another. And it reminds me that, though it’s great to do use them during times like these, it’s also great to use them regardless of what’s happening.

After seeing my professor handling the stress of working, getting ready to travel, and dealing with a painful loss, it really made me realize the things we take for granted in life. Professor Nixon informed us that we should keep in touch with our loved ones because we never know what could happen. And I 100% agree with her. So whether we use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress or any other social media site, let’s all make a promise to keep in touch with those we love.

To find out more about Kyle’s Lakeland memorial service, please follow the hyperlink:

Memorial Service Information


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