top 10.

Posted: Fri, Dec 2, 11 in Topics of the Week (COMM 2322)

Top ten things I learned about Public Relations this semester in Mrs. Nixon’s COMM 2322 Public Relations Applications Class is as followed:

1. It’s a changing field! There is no such thing as a ‘typical week’ because things are always changing, and new projects come about.

2. Social Media is very important in the field of Public Relations. They use these medias to connect with the public and to make sure that they public is getting what they want.

3. Good communications skills are needed in this field. One has to be able to write effectively, and they need to read pretty frequently.

4. An aspect of Public Relations deals with helping people or companies develop a good image and relationship with the public.

5. Professionals need to be careful about what they say or write to avoid possible defamation of character lawsuits.

6. Edward Bernays is known as the “father of public relations”.

7. Public Relations is similar to journalism, advertising and marketing, but it is also different in many different ways.

8. Public Relations goes global, and many organizations use global public relations as a way to market.

9. Public Relations plays a very big role in event planning, and they use these events to help promote their company or organization.

10. Twitter can be very important in the life of public relations professionals.


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