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Posted: Mon, Oct 10, 11 in Journal

I have NO words to say.




Posted: Sun, Sep 11, 11 in Journal

God had a will for everyone’s life. he has a will for my life, he has a will for your life. and everything that we go through in life is already written in the chapters that God had prewritten for us before we were even thought of. so is it possible for us to go against God’s will? are we physically able to try to erase the story of our life and rewrite it the way we want to live it? i think that i am finally starting to realize that no matter how much i try, i’m never going to be able to get what i want out of life until i finally do what God wants me to do with my life.

sadly, if i’m not in church, my bible is hardly ever opened. everyday the same thought passes my mind, “i really need to read my bible today,” but i can never seem to get that to happen. then i wonder to myself why aren’t things in my life going exactly why i hope they would. this is a big part of it. it seems as if i’m not putting God first, because i can hardly give him a couple minutes of my 24 hour long day. i do pray often, but i feel like that alone won’t get me a deeper relationship with God. i need to dig deeper in his word before i can begin to dig deeper in him.

psalm 37:4-5 reads “delight yourself in the LORD and he shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass.” plain and simple. written right in the book that ironically i can never bring myself to open is the answer to my problems.  why can’t i have what my heart desires? because i haven’t delighted myself in God. i haven’t fully committed to him, or put all of my trust in him. when i can finally bring myself to do that, then he shall bring it to pass; then he will give me the desires of my heart.

it all starts with God. he’s jealous. he wants to be first in everything. and honestly, he deserves it. and at 3AM on a sunday morning God revealed this to me. i MUST delight myself in him, commit myself to him and put full trust in him before i can even think about starting to have all of my hearts desires. i have to get into his will first.

and that’s what i’m gonna do.



Posted: Mon, Aug 29, 11 in Journal

“my kids are going to call you uncle corey!” i didn’t think just a simple statement could mean so much to me.

i was talking with one of my good friends as he was cutting my hair. we were just discussing life and favorite memories and just out of nowhere he told me that i was going to be an uncle to his kids. an uncle to his kids. a brother to him. family.

there’s an amazing feeling that comes with just being wanted. especially when it’s someone that you really like to be around and are close to. and now we are close. first there’s friendship, then there’s best friendship and the only thing closer than that…is family.

proverbs 18:24: real friends stick closer than brothers, and that’s what i’ve just been shown tonight. really great friendships are really rare, so i’m blessed to be able to say that i do have a great friend who i know will stick closer than a brother. there’s no denying it now; we’re family.

i’m uncle corey, and i can’t wait to meet my new nieces and nephews.

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Posted: Sun, Aug 28, 11 in Journal

i am amazed at how happy just one thing can make you. for the past few nights when i lay down to go to bed, my mind just floods with thoughts of how i truly had the best summer ever. kudos to camp sonshine! one of my thoughts were really how i couldn’t wait to apply for next year. then i wondered, what is it about camp that gives me this feeling of…joy?

i miss the great friends i made at camp dearly, and i would love to be able to see them again, but i feel like that’s only a part of why i’m excited to go back.

while at camp i was on the skit team, and that was truly one of the better parts of my day, but that’s not really why i’m waiting to apply again.

and it is most definitely not that food i was eating every night, no offense.

but my campers. just the thought of getting to go throughout the day enjoying camp activities with my campers excites me; daily. something about hanging out with kids gives you an ego boost. the think that you are the greatest person to every walk the earth, and the just freaking love you. they attach themselves to you. and its kinda hard not to attach yourselves back.

i loved all my campers, but there were four main ones that i really got attached to over the summer. i really got to know them and every single one of them told me that they wanted me to be their counselor again next year. that really gave me that ego boost i needed. and because of them, i’m pretty sure that i am gonna apply to be a 4th grade counselor. ive grown attached to these campers, and i dont really think i’m ready to give them up yet.

this one’s for antonino, ryan, michael and lukas. they helped me this summer. by being so super awesome, they helped me realize why is it i wanted to go into a profession that involved kids; because thats where i enjoy myself most.



Posted: Sat, Aug 27, 11 in Journal

yea, i’m new here. first time ever “blogging”, but i kinda just recently found out that i like to write, so i’m gonna try this out. honestly, i just recently found out a lot of things about myself.

1. i found out that the littlest things bother me for the oddest reasons.

2. i found out that it takes a while for me to realize things, or get a hint.

3. i found out that i have no idea what i want to do when i graduate college.

2nd year in university, you would think that i may have some idea, but everytime i think i have an idea, it changes. first i declared elementary education as my major, then changed to music ed, then back to elem ed, then to mathematics, broadcasting and now i have crash landed at journalism/public relations. the thing that bothers me the most is that some of my majors relate in no way, shape or form to the other (one of the little things that bother me).

but now that i’ve declared journalism/public relations, i figure that since i like to write, i should try to make it work. plus with church music as a minor i can work something out…like songwriting. i’ve written songs since i was like 7. yea a lot of them were stupid and silly, but the point is that i know it’s something that i like to do. but i feel like it could be hard to make money by just songwriting, and since i will be trying to support a family that probably won’t be the smartest idea. sooo, part time songwriter, full time……?

this past summer I work at a camp in maryland called camp sonshine, and it was honestly an experience to remember. I loved every single part of it, even waking up at 6am every morning! but the thing that i loved the most was the relationships that i built with my campers. it was, without a doubt, the time i have been the most happiest in my entire life.

so fact, i like to work with children, but i’ve come to the conclusion that i really don’t want to be a teacher, even though that’s what i planned on doing my entire childhood. but instead, i would love to work in a camp sonshine setting for the rest of my life. i would love to be able to just talk to children, build friendships with them, and just share the love of Christ with them. i would love to go into children’s ministry.

so, i’m in college, majoring in journalism/public relations and minoring in church music, and i want to become a children’s minister… i know this seems a little odd, but for some reason this works for me. my university has a children’s ministry minor that i think i’m gonna pick up. and i’m gonna go to college for four years+ just to go into a career that’s only one semesters worth of work. call me crazy, but for some reason, i don’t feel like this is a dumb decision. maybe God has a plan for me. maybe i’m supposed to use journalism, public relations and music to help reach the life of some lost children. or maybe i am supposed to take up songwriting as a part time job. but one things that i know is for certain. my calling is to become some type of children’s minister. God has opened my eyes to this over the summer, and i’m just now realizing it (yeahhh…). but i’m glad i know now, because i’m excited for all of my classes; every single one of them. ALL of them will play a BIG role in helping to save lives. i don’t know when, i don’t know how, but i know God, and with God all things are possible. -matt 19:26